State of the Roster

From PREMIER Wrestling President, John LaRocca

Leading up to PREMIER XIII, injuries to the two originally scheduled participants in the main event, former PREMIER Champion Joe Graves and Gabriel Gallo threw the Championship into a state of flux. With the Championship vacated due to Graves’s injury putting him out of action for six months, the top two contenders, both former Champions, “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb and “The God Of War” JR Kratos competed for the gold at PREMIER XIII. Jeff Cobb came out the victor and is now a two-time PREMIER Champion.

I know the rankings after Premier XIII would be tricky. Both the former Champion Joe Graves and Gabriel Gallo have claim to being the number one contender for the PREMIER Championship. Graves had to vacate the Title because of his torn bicep injury and never lost it in the ring. Gallo earned a title shot by keeping his undefeated record intact with a win at PREMIER XII.

Since Joe Graves had to vacate the title because of injury, Joe Graves is officially the number one contender. When PREMIER finalizes the date for PREMIER XIV in the late fall, if Joe Graves is unable to compete at that time, Gabriel Gallo will get the title shot. It was only fair to rank Joe Graves the number one contender and Gabriel Gallo ranked at number two.

Another note regarding the PREMIER rankings: we will be removing those Athletes who have been inactive for the past year. Here now is the official, revised Top 10 Ranking.


Top 10 Rankings

Champion – “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb (7-6-1)

1) “The Soul Fighter” Joe Graves (5-1-1)

2) Gabriel Gallo (5-0-1)

3) “God Of War” JR Kratos (9-4-1)

4) Timothy Thatcher (5-3-1)

5) Marcus Lewis (5-6)

6) Buddy Royal (4-5)

7) “Golden Boy” Dylan Drake (4-5)

8) Alexander Hammerstone (3-0)

9) “The Butcher” Tyler Bateman (3-3)

10) Douglas James (1-1)

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