A Classic Clash for PREMIER XIII Between Royal and Shapiro

premier vs graphic shapiro vs royal

When it comes to climbing the PREMIER Ranks, all allegiances and friendships must be put aside. We’ve seen it happen before and we’re about to see it once again as Levi Shapiro (1-0) and “Ace Buddy Royal (3-5) are set to face off at PREMIER XIII on Sunday, July 17th in Gilroy, CA!

Levi Shapiro made his PREMIER debut at PREMIER VII against fellow newcomer Manny Mars (0-2). The technical specialist Shapiro would find his style juxtaposed against Mars’ speed and agility. Despite the difference, Levi managed to catch his first victim in a Torture Rack backbreaker. In his opening match, Shapiro proved he could hold off an unfamiliar opponent. Now, he must prepare for one with whom he’s travelled across the country several times over.

The only time “Ace” Buddy Royal keeps is “Wrestling Time.” An Athlete always on, he remains focused at all times. In his most recent appearance at PREMIER XII, Royal was paired against “Flying Lion” Marcus Lewis (5-5). Much like his upcoming opponent, “Ace” was paired against a combatant with a style different from his own. He wouldn’t let this get the best of him as he would manage to reverse a counter from Lewis to take the win. Hot on the momentum of beating a fan favorite, “Ace” Buddy Royal must now go through his road-travelled ally in order to keep climbing the PREMIER Ranks.

Together, they’re known as the Classic Connection, but on Sunday, July 17th at the I.F.D.E.S. Lodge in Gilroy, CA, Levi Shapiro and “Ace” Buddy Royal will square off as individual Athletes with only victory on their minds. The only way to see the clash of the classics is to be there live! Tickets are still available for just $10 each at Showclix when you buy today. Don’t wait or you’ll end up paying more at the door.

PREMIER XIII will take place live at the I.F.D.E.S. Lodge – Portuguese Hall located at 250 Old Gilroy St in Gilroy, CA.

Doors open at 4:30, first bell rings at 5p.


*card subject to change*

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