“Flying Lion” and “The Butcher” Set for Action at PREMIER XIII

premier vs graphic lewis vs bateman

PREMIER has famously been host to incredible matches made more impactful by the differing combat styles of its Athletes. On Sunday, July 17th in Gilroy, another such bout will take place as the agile “Flying Lion” Marcus Lewis (5-5) takes on the calculating “Butcher” Tyler Bateman (2-3)!

“Flying Lion” Marcus Lewis has proven time and again that he is one of the most exciting Athletes in the PREMIER locker room. Accentuating his mat skills with high-flying finishing maneuvers, Lewis continues to be a force to be reckoned with even through his personal reinvention.

This combined presence was seen most notably in his most recent match against “Ace” Buddy Royal (3-5) at PREMIER XII. Lewis went toe-to-toe with the ring technician in an attempt to climb back to the top of the roster. However, the match would end in favor of Royal who would end up on the winning side of a series of reversals. Lewis now prepares to return and face another grappler but hopes for a different outcome against his next opponent.

“The Butcher” Tyler Bateman has always been a threatening presence in the PREMIER locker room. His stoic demeanor is matched perfectly by his in-ring combination of strikes and holds. As unrelenting as he is methodical, Bateman is always prepared to do whatever it takes to defeat his opponent.

In his last showing at PREMIER XII, Bateman faced former Heavyweight Champion “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb (6-6-1). Tyler Bateman matched the Olympian’s wrestling assault with valor, especially after taking several brutal attacks to the ribs and abdominals. “The Butcher’s” resilience and ferocity would get the best of his opponent however, as he managed to unleash several devastating strikes to Cobb’s skull. With a final knockout blow, Tyler Bateman pinned his opponent to claim his biggest win at PREMIER to date. The victory was not without risk though as Bateman was notably fatigued while giving a post-match interview. With his mid-section recovered, Tyler returns to take on yet another challenge in his quest for PREMIER gold.

On Sunday, July 17th at the I.F.D.E.S. Lodge in Gilroy, CA, “Flying Lion” Marcus Lewis faces off against “The Butcher” Tyler Bateman in a showdown of styles that can only be experienced live! Tickets are still available for just $10 when you buy online through Showclix. Get your seats today and save $5 off general admission.

PREMIER XIII will take place live at the I.F.D.E.S. Lodge – Portuguese Hall located at 250 Old Gilroy St in Gilroy, CA.

Doors open at 4:30p, show starts at 5p.


*card subject to change*

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