“The Hangman” Comes for “The King” – Dalton Frost vs Gabriel Gallo

Premeir XIII Versus05


It takes a big man to walk away from a fight. But when you’re two of the biggest men in the locker room, you let the fight break out. On Sunday, March 6th, two of the largest PREMIER Athletes lock horns in the ring at PREMIER XII in Gilroy, CA. “The Hangman” Dalton Frost (0-1) takes on “The King of No Rules” Gabriel Gallo (4-0-1).

“The Hangman” Dalton Frost made a big impact in his debut at PREMIER X in the fall of 2015. Making his first appearance against “The Butcher” Tyler Bateman (1-3). Using his size advantage, Frost overpowered his smaller opponent for the majority of the match. However, it would be the more agile Bateman who would use speed to take down Dalton and lock him into knee bar for the win. “The Hangman” is set to return to PREMIER but will be facing someone his own size.

“The King of No Rules” Gabriel Gallo has continuously been one of the most physically dominating Athletes at PREMIER. Each of his four wins have come as a result of a brutal maneuver, including a clothesline to the back of the head of “The Metalhead Maniac” Sledge (4-5) and power bombs to the likes of “The Iron Idol” Idris Jackson (1-2) and his longtime friend Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli (1-3). In his most recent match, a title shot against PREMIER Champion “The God of War” JR Kratos (9-2-1), Gallo managed to control the fight. Impressively keeping Kratos grounded with a simple headlock, he appeared to be the ultimate threat to the Kratos Era. But as the match came to a boiling point, both Athletes would collide and collapse, leading to the first ever double count out. As the title can only change hands by pinfall or submission, Gabriel was unable to capture the gold. He returns now with a climb back to the top on his mind, but a fellow big man with the same goals stands in his way.

On Sunday, March 6th at the I.F.D.E.S. Lodge – Portuguese Hall in Gilroy, CA, two behemoths enter the ring with only one objective: total domination. “The Hangman” Dalton Frost and “The King of No Rules” Gabriel Gallo will clash! Who will walk away the winner? The only way to find out is to be there live! Tickets are available at Showclix for just $10 each. Don’t miss out on this online savings of $5 per seat!

The I.F.D.E.S. Lodge – Portuguese Hall is located at 250 Old Gilroy St in Gilroy, CA.

Doors open at 4:30pm, show starts at 5pm.


*card subject to change*

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