Nicole Savoy: Wanting To Lead The Way As Champion



In less than a week, PREMIER will crown the first ever PREMIER Women’s Champion on Saturday, November 28th in Gilroy, CA through a four-woman tournament. One of the competitors in that tournament, Nicole Savoy (3-1), has been a mainstay in the division since its inception in December of 2013.

“Being one of the first women to debut for PREMIER, I am beyond excited to see the Women’s division grow. And now, finally a Women’s Championship will be introduced to our division,” said Savoy.


All the athletes in this tournament have stepped up their training. Some have even taken on new disciplines to develop the skills to become Champion. Savoy feels that she is ready for any of these new methods her opponents will bring to the ring.


“Raze and Kahmora have had the opportunity to say what they are bringing into the match and while I can say the same about my grappling, striking, submissions, and suplexes. I am adaptable and I bring the experience of wrestling many different styles from around the world.”


Though still young in her own career, Nicole Savoy has earned some major opportunities, competing against some of the best athletes in the world. Savoy believes this experience will bring her the gold.



“I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to wrestle women from all around the world, even Champions in their respective promotions. Being blessed to get their guidance and advice and watching how they carry themselves as Champions both inside and outside of the ring. I’m bringing that experience along with my arsenal with me to win the PREMIER Women’s Championship.”


Without a doubt, Savoy’s 3-1 PREMIER Record makes her the favorite. But being the favorite can add a lot of pressure, especially to a young Athlete. Savoy thrives on this pressure and is ready to become the face of the PREMIER Women’s Division.


“It goes beyond the hard work and growth it takes to get to this point. It means leading the Women’s Division and being the face of that product. I know I am ready for that. I have been at the forefront pushing for more women’s wrestling in California. I know the other women want to be the first ever Women’s Champion but I want this more.”


At the end of the day, this title is more to Nicole Savoy than just an accomplishment to put on her resume.


“This is about being a leader and an example. I’ve been with PREMIER since the beginning of the women’s division and I want to be the one leading it into 2016 as the first ever PREMIER Women’s Champion.”


The PREMIER Women’s Championship Tournament all goes down live this Saturday, November 28th at the I.F.D.E.S. Lodge – Portuguese Hall located at 250 Old Gilroy St. in Gilroy, CA.


Tickets are available for $10 each in advance at Showclix. Don’t wait or they’ll go up to the full price of $15 at the door!


Doors open at 4:30p, show starts at 5pm.


*card subject to change*

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