Kikyo Nakamura: Reaching for Her Destiny

The newest PREMIER Women’s Athlete on the roster is “The Fallen Flower” Kikyo Nakamura (0-1). Nakamura made her promotion debut at PREMIER X this past September in San Jose when she teamed up with RAZE (0-2) against Nicole Savoy (3-1) and Kahmora (1-1). Though she ended up losing the fall by submission to Kahmora’s power kimura armlock, Nakamura’s showing in that tag team match opened a lot of eyes in the PREMIER locker room and among the fans.

Nakamura’s performance in her debut earned her a spot in the tournament to crown the first ever PREMIER Women’s Champion on Saturday, November 28th in Gilroy, CA at PREMIER XI. “The Fallen Flower” is excited to be included in this upcoming tournament.

“I return to PREMIER to face off against three of the best women this company has to offer,” said Nakamura. “I have been on both sides of the ring with all of these women and their combined talent is enough to get anyone’s heart pumping.”

Kikyo Nakamura is a mix of power and speed. She can slam you through the mat or even take it to the air with a standing moonsault press. Though she possesses great skill inside the four corners of a ring, Nakamura’s ability to intimidate her opponents has led her to victory before the hammer has struck the bell. Nakamura wanted to leave some intimidating words for the other three competitors in the tournament.

“The holidays are coming and ’tis the season to follow the flowers; to become a part of the Buru Nation. I will reach my destiny in becoming the first ever PREMIER Women’s Champion and PREMIER will cower in the name of Kikyo.”

PREMIER XI takes place live on Saturday, November 28th at the IFDES Lodge – Portuguese Hall, 250 Old Gilroy St in Gilroy, CA. Showtime is at 5:00 PM.  Doors Open at 4:30 PM.

Tickets available at Save $5 off the door price when you purchase your tickets online.


*card subject to change*

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