RAZE: Determined To Be Champion


On Saturday November 28th at PREMIER XI in Gilroy, CA, we will crown our first ever Premier Women Athletes Champion. On that night, four of the top women athletes in pro wrestling will compete in a one night single elimination tournament to crown a first ever champion. One of the competitors is RAZE (0-2) from Southern California. Though she has yet to score a victory in Premier, don’t let that record fool you, Raze is one of the top young women athletes in the sport today.

“Premier has an amazing roster of top of tier athletes” said Premier President and matchmaker John LaRocca. “No athlete wants to lose, but there is no easy victories on our roster, so Raze being winless so far in Premier does not take away she is one of the sports brightest young athletes today. It is only a matter of time she have wins on her record here, she is just that good.”

“I remember when I made my debut for Premier Wrestling in 2014” said RAZE. “I was beyond excited to wrestle for a company that has a distinct brand and maintains wrestler’s win-loss records. I knew that, though young in the sport, wrestling for Premier would require me to rethink my typical approach to wrestling and push me in a more serious, sports minded direction”.

Every wrestler dreams of winning championship and on November 28th, Raze will be competing for very first chance at wining a women’s championship.

“When I was informed that this November I will be one of four females competing for the first Premier Women’s championship title, I was beyond excited” said RAZE. “This will be the first time I ever compete for a women’s title”. “To know that Premier puts its faith in me to potentially hold a title for them is overwhelming”.

At the end of 2013, Premier made the decision to feature women’s wrestling. Women’s wrestling has produced some of the most exciting battles in the sports history, and with the growing number of women talent in the state of California, the time is now right to crown our first Premier Women Athletes Champion.

“John LaRocca is very serious about giving athletes a place to shine, and the fact that he is introducing a women’s title show that he not only recognizes local female talent, but trusts that we can bring solid matches to Premier at each show” said RAZE.

Going into this tournament, RAZE is completely focused in walking out on November 28th as the new champion. In this sport, you cannot be one dimensional, you must have more then one tool in your tool box to get the job done.

“I find myself thinking beyond my normal thoughts on wrestling” said Raze “I’ve been working on my grappling and submission game at my home of Santino Bros wrestling, and learning more about lucha under the tutelage of Los Luchas. Additionally I’ve been working on cutting weight and building muscle to assist in my speed and, well, ability to throw people around”.

RAZE is ready for whomever stands in her way to winning the first championship of her career. She is ready to do what she always does when she steps inside the squared circle, cause chaos and destruction.

“Come November 28th, whoever I step in the ring with is in for a fight, be it Nicole Savoy, Kahmora, or Kikyo. I never promise a victory, but I do promise the fans of Premier Wrestling and my opponent that they are in for one hell of a match”

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