Timothy Thatcher – Embrace The Grind: Standing For Fighting Art


The second competitor to enter in The Embrace The Grind Challenge is considered one of the top pro wrestlers in the world today, Timothy Thatcher (4-2-1). On November 28th at the IFDES Lodge – Portuguese Hall in Gilroy, CA, Thatcher will compete against “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb (6-3-1) and his PREMIER in-ring rival, “The Soul Fighter” Joe Graves (2-1-1). Timothy Thatcher is looking forward to proving himself in this grueling round robin tournament

“The Embrace the Grind Challenge will be a true test of skill, toughness, and endurance,” said Timothy Thatcher.”One would to have to look very hard to find harder competitors than Mr. Cobb and Mr. Graves. While Mr. Graves and I have quite the history in PREMIER, I am yet to stand across from Mr. Cobb in the ring that he was Champion of for so many months. That I look forward to.”

The Embrace The Grind Challenge was conceived from the minds of PREMIER President John LaRocca and Mr. George O’Brien.Sadly, Mr. O’Brien passed away on September 27th, but he will be in the building in spirit, looking down on the beautiful display of pro wrestling during the tournament.That was the goal with the Challenge: to display pro wrestling as the beautiful combat sport that it truly is. As has been announced previously, the winner of the Embrace The Grind Challenge will receive the next shot at the PREMIER Championship.


“So once again PREMIER puts me in a situation where I need to be at my best. At anything less, I shall fail. There is even more pressure as we shall not only do battle for a chance at the PREMIER Championship as well as for the memory of Mr. O’Brien, but we shall do battle for what the sport of professional wrestling ought to be.”


As we move closer to November 28th, anticipation for the first ever Embrace The Grind Challenge is heating up. All three competitors are training harder than ever to come out the winner. What makes this event unique is the mixture of styles between the three men. Timothy Thatcher is known for his catch wrestling skill, while Jeff Cobb’s strength is freestyle wrestling and Joe Graves Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. All three have cross-trained in various grappling disciplines, so their skills will be sharp going into this tournament. Timothy Thatcher is ready for this challenge.


“There is a heavy task at hand, but these gladiators can carry the weight. I am very lucky to be included. A wise man said we fight to represent the strongest of styles. On November 28, Mr. Cobb, Mr. Graves, and I shall stand for fighting art. The best man on November 28th will win the Embrace the Grind Challenge and he will earn every bit of it.”

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