Jeff Cobb – Embrace The Grind Challenge: Just Another Obstacle to the Top



On Saturday, November 28th, PREMIER XI hosts the Embrace The Grind Challenge, a grueling, three-man, round robin tournament in honor of George O’Brien, one of the greatest supporters of PREMIER who passed recently. The three-man field consists of Timothy Thatcher (4-2-1), “The Soul Fighter” Joe Graves (2-1-1), and the former PREMIER Champion, “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb (6-3-1).

“It is an honor and humbling to be asked to be part of the first ever Embrace The Grind Challenge,” said Jeff Cobb. “Knowing that I will be stepping in the ring against top competitors like Timothy Thatcher and Joe Graves gets my competitive juices following. I crave competition and love testing myself against the best. That is what this challenge brings: three of the very best grapplers in pro wrestling today.”

Jeff Cobb is no stranger to round robin tournaments. “I thrive on [them] just as I have been doing since I was competing as an amateur. My background and experience is this type of grueling competition will lead me to victory. It’s no different than when I represented Guam in the 2004 Olympics.”

To sweeten the pot of the Embrace The Grind Challenge, the winner will be receiving a title shot between whomever comes out the winner the JR Kratos – Marcus Lewis championship match on the same night. Cobb, who was only inches away from regaining the title from Kratos at PREMIER X in San Jose, is looking to put himself right in position for another chance to regain the gold.

“This is what I love about PREMIER. It is all about the championship. I was already motivated to compete against Thatcher and Graves, but when John LaRocca told me the winner will get the next shot, I was pumped for this event even more. I feel all I need is one more shot at the PREMIER Championship. There is nothing I want more then to be back on top and this Embrace The Grind Challenge is just another obstacle that I will overcome to reach my goal.”

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