The Champ: Ready for the Next Challenge



At PREMIER XI on Saturday, November 28th in Gilroy, CA, the PREMIER Champion “The God Of War” JR Kratos (9-2) once again will defend the gold against “The Flying Lion” Marcus Lewis (5-4). Though Kratos’ arm was raised in their last meeting at PREMIER VIII on March 20th in San Jose, he won’t be taking the young high-flyer lightly going into this title defense.

“This match coming up against Marcus Lewis is gonna be different for a few reasons,” said the Champion.  “One of those reasons is the hunger in Marcus. He showed that hunger in our last fight. His heart and determination to go out against all odds and compete with the heart of a lion. I saw that determination in his eyes last time and I have nothing to show but respect to an Athlete that goes all out every time and leaves it all in the ring. That is what Marcus Lewis does.”

As a champion, JR Kratos pays attention to every match on every card in PREMIER. It’s the exhausting lifestyle of a champion; not only do you have to train and focus on the opponent ahead of you, but the future challengers laying in wait as well. Kratos saw the persona evolution of Marcus Lewis and made sure to make note of it.

“I hear that when he lost to me, he took that loss as a positive, turned it around, decided to reevaluate his game, and begin to evolve and get better,” said Kratos.  “Again, hats off to him, because that is the character of a champion, but what Marcus needs to keep in mind is that although agility, speed, and evolution are all well and good, he is stepping in the ring with someone who has all those plus power.”

JR Kratos’ words are not meant to be cocky or arrogant but that of a confident champion who has been riding an eight-match win streak in PREMIER. Confidence is one aspect going into a match, but Kratos knows hard work and training is what keeps him a step head of the rest of the competition.

“I’ve said it before and I will continue to say this, no one is working as hard as I am. I train hard in every aspect of this sport and I train to perfection.”

With each title defense, JR Kratos modifies his training. Against his last opponent, “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb, Kratos focused on power and added more muscle to his already hulk like frame. With the speed of Marcus Lewis, the Champion is as ready as he is for any challenge set in front of him.

“Every fight is different, every athlete is different, and that’s what makes PREMIER so special. But as true champions do, they do their homework on the next opponent. I train not only to beat my opponents, but to dominate them.”

Though Kratos respects every opponent that steps into the ring with him, when the final bell rings, Kratos only sees his arm raised in victory and the Championship wrapped around his waist.

“Marcus, my hat’s off to you for training hard and having that heart of a lion,” said the Champ. “On November 28th in Gilroy, when you cross through those ropes with me again, you’ll be playing checkers while I’ll be playing chess. I am the lion and you are the cub. Don’t ever forget: I am the PREMIER Champion for a reason. Checkmate!”


PREMIER XI will take place live on November 28th at the IFDES Lodge – Portuguese Hall in Gilroy, CA. Tickets are available for $10 each at Showclix.

*card subject to change*

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