Graves Looks to Continue Streak Over Thatcher


With only a few years of experience in the professional wrestling ranks, “The Soul Fighter” Joe Graves usually finds himself the one calling out his opponents.  But when PREMIER President and Matchmaker John LaRocca informed Graves that Timothy Thatcher was looking for a rematch at PREMIER X on September 19th at Del Mar High School in San Jose, Graves said to send him the contract and he would sign it right away.

“When I was informed by PREMIER that Timothy Thatcher was going to be my opponent for PREMIER X on September 19th, I was a little surprised. Figured we would meet again, just not so soon,” said Graves. “When I was told that Thatcher wanted this rematch, I was not surprised whatsoever. Right now, he’s one of the best wrestlers in the western world. Why wouldn’t he want to tie up a loose end like me. But keep this is in mind: I submitted the great Timothy Thatcher. Not too many men walking the face of the earth can say that.”

What Joe Graves says is true, on March 20th at PREMIER VIII, it was he who locked in a rear naked choke hold for the biggest win of his young career.  The confident young athlete went from promising star to a legit threat to the PREMIER Heavyweight Championship with that victory. After a follow-up win over Buddy Royal at PREMIER IX in June, Graves is riding into PREMIER X with all the momentum. With a submission win over Thatcher in his record books, Joe Graves is fully confident he can and will do it again.

“I know he’s gonna be ready for me and have me game planned, but I’m ready to show him,” boasted “The Soul Fighter. “There is no true way to game plan for someone like me. There is no game I’m not willing to play. No pain I’m not willing to endure.”

Timothy Thatcher’s comment to his opponent “Good luck Mr. Graves. You are going to need it.” fueled the fire that was already burning hot inside Graves’ stomach. Graves returned a message directly to Thatcher in kind.

“Timothy Thatcher, when the dust settles, I will be one step closer to the top of the PREMIER Rankings, and the best wrestler in the world is going to be left scratching his head… when he wakes up.”

PREMIER X will take place live on Saturday, September 19th at Del Mar High School located at 1224 Del Mar Avenue in San Jose, CA.
Early Bird tickets are available for $10 online or $15 at the door.
Doors open at 5:30pm, Show starts at 6pm.
*card subject to change*

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