Preview: PREMIER X Main Event – Kratos vs Cobb


For the male Athletes in PREMIER, there is only one goal: the PREMIER Heavyweight Championship. Currently high atop the PREMIER mountain sits reigning Champion “The God Of War” JR Kratos (8-2). But next in line for a title shot is the former PREMIER Heavyweight Champion as well as the man Kratos beat to win the title, “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb (6-2-1). Outside the ring, these two are the best of friends and  as close as brothers. But within the ropes, that friendship is thrown out the window for a chance to be Champion even though the respect between these two will remain.

“Everyone is aware of the relationship Jeff Cobb and I have; let’s not try and insult the fans of that,” said the Champion JR Kratos. “This sport has created a brotherhood for Jeff and I that goes beyond the ring. But, for that very reason, that’s what makes this match so real to the both of us. The passion that we have for this sport is so strong and at times indescribable. On September 19th, Jeff and I go to war with each other for something that we are most passionate about and means everything to us: the PREMIER Heavyweight Title.”

“JR and I train together, travel long miles on the road together,” said Jeff Cobb. “It is a bit awkward knowing we will be going into battle inside that squared circle, but we both go into this sport to be the best and being the best means holding that PREMIER Heavyweight Championship. He has it and I want it back.”

The PREMIER Champion recently changed up his training, traveling to WWE superstar Santino Marella’s training facility, BattleArts in Mississauga, ON to train for this title match. It was a long two-week sacrifice away from his family but worth it to give him the new tools he needs to retain his title.

“I have been training all over the world for this fight and l will bring a bigger, stronger, and faster package to the ring September 19th in San Jose.”

Seeing the additional training at BattleArts did not intimidate Jeff Cobb at all. Striving to be the best is what brought these two best friends together. As the saying goes, iron sharpens iron.

“JR didn’t even tell me he was going Ontario to train at BattleArts until he sent me a picture. ‘We arrived.’ I just smiled and responded telling him game on and bring his best because that title is coming back to me. I want JR at this best because I am going to beat JR at his best.

“Loser buys the winner a beer,” Cobb laughed.

Don’t let the laid back attitude of the former Champion from Honolulu, HI fool you. He wants the PREMIER Championship back.

“Championship gold is what drives me. There’s no more important title to me right now than the PREMIER Heavyweight Championship. Honestly, when PREMIER was created in 2013, and since winning the title in June of that year, I was the face of PREMIER. I want to be that man again.”

JR Kratos is not going to give up the Championship without a fight. He expects a war inside the squared circle on September 19th with his best friend.

“Jeff Cobb is one of the best athletes on the PREMIER Roster. He is coming for something that was once his and be back on top,” said Kratos. “What I say to that is that every time I step into the PREMIER ring, I am a much better Athlete every time. So, as so many people can relate, on September 19th at PREMIER X in San Jose at Del Mar High School, when two brothers and best of friends step into the ring, it’s gonna be nothing short of a war. And remember I am the God Of War!”

PREMIER X takes place live on Saturday, September 19th at Del Mar High School located at 1224 Del Mar Avenue in San Jose, CA.
Doors open at 5:30pm, show starts at 6pm.

*card subject to change*

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