Newcomer Alexander Hammerstone to Face Dylan Drake


We’re exactly one month away from PREMIER X in San Jose, CA. To mark the occcassion, we’re excited to announce yet another thrilling match up for what is being built as the biggest event in PREMIER history. Live on Saturday, September 19th at Del Mar High School, “The Golden Boy” Dylan Drake (4-4) returns to face the newly-arrived Alexander Hammerstone (0-0)!

Alexander Hammerstone has wrestled all over the American southwest. Facing off against the likes of other PREMIER Athletes like Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli (1-2), “The Soul FIghter” Joe Graves (2-0-1), and “The King of No Rules” Gabriel Gallo (3-0), he’s shown time-and-again that he has what it takes to wrestle with the best. It’s that kind of spirit and ferocity that PREMIER Matchmaker and President John La Rocca looks for when scouting new talent. Now signed on for PREMIER X, Hammerstone looks to make a dramatic impression but he’ll have to do so against one of the most ring savvy men on the roster.

Coming off of a devastating loss at PREMIER IX, “The Golden Boy” Dylan Drake is hell-bent on making his return to the top. In the main event against reigning PREMIER Heavyweight Champion JR Kratos (8-2), Drake was unable to defend himself at the match’s conclusion, resulting in the first ever TKO result at PREMIER. This defeat, especially after the three-match winning streak he had been on, has forced “The Golden Boy” to rethink his strategies going forward. Think being the operative keyword as Drake has always been one of the smartest in-ring competitors.

It’s going to be mind vs muscle when “The Golden Boy” Dylan Drake and newly-signed Alexander Hammerstone face off for the first time at PREMIER X next month! It all goes down at Del Mar High School in San Jose, CA and the only way to be a part of the action is to be there live! Early bird tickets are still available for just $10 from Showclix and will also be available for the full price of $15 each at the door.

Del Mar High School is located at 1224 Del Mar Avenue in San Jose, CA.

Doors open at 5:30p, show starts at 6p.


*card subject to change*

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