Introducing Dalton Frost

When a scheduling conflict caused Buddy Royal (2-4) to pull out of PREMIER X on Saturday, September 19th in San Jose, Matchmaker John LaRocca did’t have far to look for a replacement.   The man stepping in to replace Royal is long-time northern California veteran “The Hangman” Dalton Frost. From Cold County, Texas, this powerful brawler is someone LaRocca is very familiar with.“I have known Dalton Frost for years. He’s an amazing athlete,” said an enthusiastic LaRocca. “Frost is not a bodybuilder like JR Kratos or Alexander Hammerstone but he is just as powerful.  What makes Frost so dangerous inside the ring is his amazing speed for a man his size.

“The Hangman’s” style is straight and to the point: plow through your opponents. His main weapon, “The Lariat” Clothesline, is in honor of one of his idols, the legendary Stan “The Lariat” Hansen. His opponent will be announced soon, but when a contract was faxed over to Frost, he signed and returned it right away.

“He did not care who he would be stepping into the ring with,” said LaRocca. “I thanked him for filling in for Buddy and started to talk about his options at PREMIER X, but he simply did not care and told me to just line them up. Frost has never been much of a strategist like a Dylan Drake or a Jeff Cobb but he is old school smash mouth wrestling and I really like that. I think the PREMIER fans will like that as well.”

PREMIER X is scheduled for Saturday, September 19th at Del Mar High School in San Jose. Tickets are currently available for just $10 at Showclix and will also be available at the show for $15 each.

Doors open at 5:30p, show starts at 6p.


*card subject to change*

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