PREMIER X Main Event: J.R. Kratos Defends Against Jeff Cobb


Next month, PREMIER returns to San Jose as “The God of War” J.R. Kratos (8-2) defends the PREMIER Heavyweight Championship against the man he won it from “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb (6-2-1).

At PREMIER IX back in June, “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb was in action in a rematch against his long-time friend and fellow Hawaiian Kaimana (1-3). However, many believe that he should have been in the main event. Unfortunately, due to conflicting schedules, Cobb was unable to sign on in time for a rematch against the Champion. He did not disappoint the crowd in Gilroy though, as he would go on to have a spectacular match against his familiar foe, eventually gaining the win with a “Tour of the Islands” Powerslam. Now as PREMIER X approaches, ‘Mr. Athletic” returns in an attempt to take back what he lost nearly a year ago.

Though he had anticipated facing Cobb at PREMIER IX, “The God of War” J.R. Kratos would instead defend his championship against “The Golden Boy” Dylan Drake (4-4). Ever the opportunist, Drake stepped up the moment it became known that “Mr. Athletic” would not be able to vie for the title. This, however, made little difference to the PREMIER Heavyweight Champion who, even though the match would go back and forth, would overpower “The Golden Boy” leading to Referee Sparky Ballard calling for an end to the match. Kratos then became the first PREMIER Athlete to retain the championship by TKO. Up next, Kratos isn’t just defending his title; he also has his pride on the line in the first ever true rematch for the PREMIER Heavyweight Championship.

Live in San Jose on September 19th, Del Mar High School plays host to PREMIER X as “The God of War” J.R. Kratos defends the PREMIER Heavyweight Championship against “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb. Tickets for this match as well as several more to be announced are on sale now at showclix for just $10 each! Act fast because these tickets are going up to the full price of $15 at the door.

Del Mar High School is located at 1224 Del Mar Avenue in San Jose, CA

Doors open at 5:30pm, first bell rings at 6!


*card subject to change*

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