PREMIER Returns to San Jose!

You’ve been asking for it since the moment the last show ended! PREMIER X is set for Saturday, September 19th in San Jose, CA and returns to Del Mar High School! This is show number ten and we’re pulling out all the stops! Stay tuned for ticketing announcements because you’re going to want to get yours as soon as possible.

All of your favorite PREMIER Athletes are scheduled to appear including PREMIER Heavyweight Champion “The God of War” JR Kratos, Marcus Lewis, “Ace” Buddy Royal, “The Butcher” Tyler Bateman, “The King of No Rules” Gabriel Gallo, Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli, “The Soul Fighter” Joe Graves, and Kaimana, Women’s Athletes Kahmora, RAZE, Nicole Savoy, newcomer Alexander Hammerstone, and the long-awaited return of a PREMIER Alumnus soon to be announced!

Tickets for this event will be available online as well as at Del Mar High School. All proceeds from “early bird” tickets purchased at Del Mar will go right back to the school.

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