“Mr. Athletic” Cleared to Compete on June 7th

Jeff Cobb Card

When “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb’s (5-2-1) Lucha Underground commitments affected his availability for June 7th at PREMIER IX, the title shot was awarded to the number two contender “The Golden Boy” Dylan Drake (4-3). This past week, Lucha Underground rescheduled their TV taping on June 7th in Los Angeles and thus opened up Jeff Cobb to now be available to compete at PREMIER IX.

“When Jeff Cobb called and told me he would now be available for June 7th, I was excited to have him back on the card,” said PREMIER President and matchmaker John LaRocca. “But I informed him that his title shot would have to wait until the next PREMIER event because contracts have now been signed for Kratos vs Drake.”

When Cobb spoke to the PREMIER President, he had no problems with the decision.

“I am not upset at all. With the contract I signed with Lucha Underground, I must make them my first priority,” said Cobb. “When I found out the Lucha Underground TV Taping was rescheduled, I was happy to be able to compete at PREMIER IX”.

Though he won’t be competing for the PREMIER Heavyweight Championship that night, “Mr. Athletic” knows his chance at the gold will be just around the corner.

“Of course I would love to compete for the PREMIER Heavyweight Title and win it back on June 7th, but the contracts for Kratos and Drake are already signed. I may not like Dylan, but he is deserving of the title shot. PREMIER has made it clear that the next title shot is mine, and when that happens, I will be ready.”

Some have asked John LaRocca about making a match with a three-way stipulation and the President of PREMIER shot down that idea quickly.

“I will never book a triple threat match in PREMIER” LaRocca responded quickly. “From day one, PREMIER has been about respect for the sport of professional wrestling. Booking a three-way match would devalue the title and everything that PREMIER is all about.”

Though Jeff Cobb won’t be competing for the PREMIER Heavyweight Championship on June 7th, he will be in action against a tough Athlete from the esteemed PREMIER roster. Title shot or not, “Mr. Athletic” lives for competition and can’t wait to get back into the ring in Gilroy, CA.

“I’ve heard rumors on who my opponent will be on June 7th. Whoever he is, if he signs on the dotted line, the PREMIER fans are in for a treat because this guy and I will tear the house down. In the end, I will have my hand raised. Whomever walks out as the champion on June 7th, be it Kratos or “the Golden Boy,” that belt is going to be around my waist at the end of PREMIER X.”

PREMIER IX takes place live at 5p on Sunday, June 7th at the I.F.D.E.S. Lodge – Portuguese Hall located at 250 Old Gilroy St. in Gilroy, CA. Tickets are on sale for just $10 at Showclix.


*card subject to change*

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