The Golden Opportunity


Dylan Drake did not get his nickname “The Golden Boy” because his lives in the most expensive area in San Francisco, dines at all the finest restaurants, and fly’s first class to his many exotic vacation destinations.  No, Dylan Drake was given his nickname for collecting gold championship belts all over the west coast since his debut in 2007. One championship that has eluded “The Golden Boy” has been the PREMIER Heavyweight Championship. On June 7th in Gilroy, CA at the I.F.D.E.S. Lodge – Portuguese Hall, Dylan Drake finally gets his golden opportunity to complete his collection.

When Premier was founded in 2013, Dylan Drake was one of four top northern California grapplers to compete in a tournament to crown the first ever PREMIER Heavyweight Champion. Dylan Drake with all his success was favored to win the tournament. Though not announced to the public, Dylan Drake knew for weeks going into the first ever PREMIER event on March 24th, 2013 that Timothy Thatcher would be his first round opponent. Drake was confident going up against Thatcher as the two have competed against each other up and down the west coast. While many competitors are intimidated by the skilled submission wizard, Dylan Drake has had his hand raised before in the past over Thatcher. On the 24th of March in 2013, Dylan Drake rolled up to building ready to make history as the first to be crowned PREMIER Heavyweight Champion. He would soon find out, however, that a change in the card would affect him.

A few days before the show, Timothy Thatcher informed PREMIER officials that he suffered a serious back injury and could not compete. PREMIER President John LaRocca scrambled to find a replacement and finally found one in the monster JR Kratos. When Dylan found out about the change, he was livid.

“I was pretty upset; I trained for four weeks on my submission defense getting ready for Timothy Thatcher and now, in a few hours, I had to step in the ring with a powerhouse like JR Kratos. It completely threw off my game plan” said Dylan Drake.

“I remember that day like it was yesterday,” said PREMIER President John LaRocca. “We literally at last hour got JR Kratos to fill Thatcher’s spot in the tournament. When I told Dylan of Thatcher’s injury and the change, he was pretty upset about it. He went into the ring that night and fought angry and it cost him”.

A different Dylan Drake stepped in the ring that night against JR Kratos. The change to Kratos really upset him. Instead of being calculating inside the squared circle, he made some costly errors that he would normally never make. Kratos hit a running spear and “The Golden Boy’s” hopes for the Premier Heavyweight Championship ended.

No matter if you like or hate Dylan Drake, you have to respect that he is one of the very best today. In PREMIER, he has had some ups and downs but is currently riding a three match win streak. Sitting nicely as the number two contender in the Top 10 Rankings, luck would turn his way when a scheduling conflict caused the number one contender “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb to pull out of his scheduled title shot.  Cobb’s spot was given to Dylan Drake and “The Golden Boy” was excited about his big opportunity.

“JR Kratos’ title reign is going to end on June 7th in Gilroy,” said the always confident Dylan Drake. “That belt was created for ‘The Golden Boy’ and that belt will be around my waist. I am not scared of his power. How will I eliminate his power? Well, show up on June 7th at PREMIER and find out. That belt is mine.”

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