Idris Jackson – Not to Be Forgotten


Going into PREMIER VIII: Kratos vs Lewis on Friday, March 20th at Del Mar High School in San Jose, one of the main stories leading up to this event is the return of the Gabriel Gallo (1-0) to the  PREMIER ring after reconstructive knee surgery. The man who faces Gallo in his return on March 20th is one of the best young Athletes in PREMIER today, “The Iron Idol” Idris Jackson (1-1). After an impressive win over “Ace” Buddy Royal (2-3) at PREMIER VII in November, Idris feels some attention should be sent his way.“Everyone keeps talking about Gallo being back and it’s like the future is already set with him defeating me, but I am here to spoil the return of Gabriel Gallo,” said a confident Idris Jackson. “I don’t want people twisting my words and trying to make me out to be cocky but I just want everyone to know, including Gallo, do not take ‘The Iron Idol’ lightly.”

When Gabriel Gallo called the President and Matchmaker of PREMIER, John LaRocca, about being cleared to return to the ring, Idris Jackson was the very first person to call Mr. LaRocca up and ask to face Gallo.

“When I heard Gallo was coming back to PREMIER, I wanted that match. We both made our PREMIER debuts last August. When Gallo walked into the locker room, everyone took notice. I saw a lot of intimidation on a lot of the other guys faces. Not me, I was hoping one day soon we would step in the ring together. You cannot be the best in any sport without competing against the best. That is why I called Mr. LaRocca and that is why I wanted this match.”

Idris Jackson has been impressive in his two PREMIER matches so far. Jackson is blessed with athletic ability that is a combination of speed and power. When he signed his contract in 2014, John LaRocca personally said “The Iron Idol” has all the tools to one day become PREMIER Heavyweight Champion. With a win over Gabriel Gallo, he would be one step closer to making that prediction come true.

“I want to make sure nobody is forgetting about me going into March 20th at PREMIER VIII. Gallo has a lot of hype around him; it is deserved. But I am not going to lie down and let him walk over me without a fight. I plan on bringing everything I got in San Jose. I am confident with my training and conditioning going into this match and I will be the one with my hand raised when it is all over.”

Tickets for PREMIER VIII: Kratos vs Cobb featuring “The Iron Idol” Idris Jackson vs Gabriel Gallo are available online for $10 each at

Del Mar High School is located at 1224 Del Mar Ave in San Jose, CA

Doors open on Friday, March 20th at 6:30 pm. First match starts at 7 pm


*card subject to change*

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