The Iron Idol Faces The King of No Rules

jackson vs gallo

We’re we’re less than a month away from PREMIER VIII: Kratos vs Lewis. On what is already a huge event, another match has been added to this intense show. On March 20th in San Jose, CA, “The Iron Idol” Idris Jackson (1-1) will wrestle “The King of No Rules” Gabriel Gallo (1-0).

“The Iron Idol” Idris Jackson has been with PREMIER since 2013 but wasn’t always in the ring. Starting out as a member of the ring crew and production staff in the promotion’s first year, Jackson caught the attention of head matchmaker John LaRocca and earned his first fights in 2014. At PREMIER VII: Kratos vs Dutra,  Jackson went head-to-head against “Ace” Buddy Royal (2-3). The two Athletes went at it for nearly seven minutes when Royal attempted to trap Jackson in the Figure-Four Leglock. The “Ace” was caught off guard though as “The Iron Idol” reversed the hold and pinned his opponent with a roll-up. Now with his first victory under his belt, Jackson goes on to face a challenger nearly twice his size.

“The King of No Rules” Gabriel Gallo had an impressive debut back at PREMIER VI: Cobb vs Kratos. The only newcomer during that show to walk away with a victory, Gallo earned his victory after going up against the legendary Jeckles (0-2) for more than ten minutes. Gallo matched Jeckles in strength and size but still managed to land a devastating Spinebuster Slam. Shortly after his victory, Gallo went in for reconstructive surgery for his knee. He’s spent the last six month rehabilitating and strengthening his leg and is set to make his return to the squared circle on March 20th. However, he has to go into this match knowing his opponent is likely to target his rebuilt knee.

On Friday, March 20th in San Jose, CA, it’ll be the speed and youth of “The Iron Idol” Idris Jackson going up against the strength and experience of “The King of No Rules” Gabriel Gallo! Which man will walk out of PREMIER VIII victorious? The only way to find out is to be there live at Del Mar High School!

Tickets for PREMIER VIII: Kratos vs Lewis are on sale now through Showclix or at Del Mar High School for just $10 each. Proceeds from all advance tickets purchased at the venue go towards the DMHS Performing Arts Department. Make sure to get your tickets in advance before the go up to the full price of $15 each.

Del Mar High School is located at 1224 Del Mar High Avenue in San Jose, CA.

Doors open at 6:30pm, first bell rings at 7!


*card subject to change*

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