Announcement Regarding Thatcher vs Graves Rematch

From the Desk of PREMIER President and Matchmaker, John LaRocca;

At our last PREMIER event in November, Timothy Thatcher and Joe Graves wrestled a thrilling fifteen minute time limit draw. After much debate between so many great matches in 2014, Thatcher versus Graves won the Match of the Year in PREMIER. With nothing settled between these two great young Athletes, a rematch was signed. Since the rematch has been announced, I have received tons of e-mails and messages on our social media sites about giving this rematch an extended time limit. Normally, all undercard matches at PREMIER are fifteen minute time limts. Only the PREMIER Heavyweight Championship and the Number One Contender matches have a thirty minute time limit.

The PREMIER fans have spoken and we have listened. On Friday March 20th at PREMIER VIII: Kratos vs Lewis, the rematch between Timothy Thatcher and Joe Graves will now have a THIRTY MINUTE TIME LIMIT!

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