Kratos vs Dutra – Hungry for Gold


This Saturday at PREMIER, the main event is a battle between two of the very best Athletes on the roster – Current PREMIER Heavyweight Champion, “The God Of War” JR Kratos (5-2) versus the first ever PREMIER Heavyweight Champion, “Double D” Dave Dutra (4-3). Both are ready for the rubber match this Saturday to finally put an end to this classic in ring rivalry. 

Their first meeting took place on March 24th, 2013 at the very first PREMIER card in Gilroy, CA. Both athletes made it into the finals of the four-man PREMIER Heavyweight Tournament. JR Kratos and Dave Dutra put it all on the line to be the one in the record books as the first ever PREMIER Heavyweight Champion. In the end, after delivering his trademark DDT, the man they call “Double D” had his hand raised in victory and the belt wrapped around his waste.

“Being the first ever PREMIER Heavyweight Champion is very special to me” said Dutra. “I beat two men in one night to win that championship and no one can take that accolade away from me. The feeling of that belt around your waist, that sense of accomplishment; It is just so surreal.”

“The first time Dutra or should I say “Tinkerbell” met up in the finals of the tournament, he used my inexperience against me and countered off my move and got the win”said Kratos. “I lost that night, but that loss just lit a fire in my soul that one day I would become champion.”

Dutra would go onto the lose the championship in his first title defense against “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb on June 9th, 2013. Both Kratos and Dutra would scratch and claw their way into a number one contenders match this past March 30th in Gilroy at the I.F.D.E.S. Lodge – Portuguese Hall. It was another thrilling match, but the result would be different as “The God Of War” would have his hand raised in victory to become the number one contender for the PREMIER Heavyweight Championship.

“Pinning Tinkerbell’s shoulders to mat earlier this year was redemption for losing the finals a year ago” said Kratos. “It was a war and when the referee raised my hand, I knew that the PREMIER Heavyweight title would soon by mine.”

JR Kratos went on to defeat Jeff Cobb for the title on August 10th in Gilroy. It was a moment in his life that the big man would never forget.

“Winning the PREMIER Heavyweight title means everything to me, not only because it was a personal goal of mine the day I stepped foot into this locker room, but it was what makes this title special and  that is the top talent that competes for it each and every PREMIER event” Kratos proclaimed proudly.

“Against Jeff (Cobb), I knew it was going to be a war, simply because this title and this sport is something him and I have a deep true passion for. But that being said, Olympic amateur and professional wrestling are two different monsters. Jeff that day found out that he had met his match in me, a true agile powerhouse that understands there is levels of athleticism and I’m on a different level. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it, Jeff Cobb that day got at first class welcome to the Kratos Era.”

While JR Kratos captured the PREMIER Heavyweight Championship, Dave Dutra defeated “The Metalhead” Maniac” Sledge to once again put him in position to capture the gold again.

“The road back to the title hasn’t been easy” said Dutra. “Seventeen months of bumps and bruises, wins and losses, but here I am, back to regain what is mine. I couldn’t be more ready for this Saturday.”

Both the champion JR Kratos and Dave Dutra are truly more then ready to compete this Saturday. We will finally find out who is truly the best between “The God Of War” and “Double D.” Both men gave their final comments going into their championship match this Saturday in Gilroy.

“Winning this title ignited a fire inside me I never knew I had and I will do everything in my power to defend and keep this championship” said Kratos. “I told everyone when I won this belt and I mean this with all of me….Welcome to the Kratos Era!”

“It all comes down hunger,” said Dutra. “Currently, Kratos has the taste of gold surrounding him 24/7. Meanwhile, I haven’t had that satisfaction since June 9th, 2013 when I lost it to Jeff Cobb. I’ve been craving that belt for seventeen months. I’m starving and will do anything to get that taste back. Again, it all comes down to that hunger and there’s no one in this company more hungry for that championship than me. Kratos and every person in that building is going to witness a side of me never seen before. That belt is back around the waist of its first and rightful own, “Double D” Dave Dutra.”


Tickets for PREMIER VII: Kratos vs Dutra are available at Showclix for just $10 each.

The I.F.D.E.S. Lodge – Portuguese Hall is located at 250 Old Gilroy St. in Gilroy, CA

Doors open at 4:30 pm, first bell rings at 5.


*card subject to change*

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