PREMIER Profiles: Marcus Lewis

Record: 3-2

Record: 3-2


In June of 2013, Marcus Lewis received the biggest call of his life. He was offered a contract by the PREMIER President John LaRocca to wrestle “Old School” Oliver John (2-0-1), one of the most respected veterans of the squared circle. Marcus quickly accepted the contract to compete against Oliver and thanked John LaRocca for the opportunity and hung up the phone.  Marcus sat there shocked holding his cell phone. 


“I could not believe it,” said Lewis. “Here it is, my rookie year and now I am going to step into the ring with one of the very best. I was in complete shock.”


Marcus Lewis did not come out on the winning side on June 9th, 2013 against Oliver John but he received a wrestling education he wouldn’t soon forget. After wrestling Oliver John, Marcus was scheduled against another traveled veteran, The Almighty Sheik (2-0).


“When I got the call that I would facing The Almighty Sheik, I wasn’t nervous but motivated. That match with Oliver John made me believe that I could hang with the best and I was excited about stepping into the ring with a former NWA and Zero1 World Heavyweight Champion.”


Once again, Marcus did not walk away the winner but what he earned was confidence. Being competitive against two veterans like Oliver John and The Sheik showed the youngster that his future is bright in this sport.


“What I learned in those two matches really lit a spark under me. It showed that if I could compete and do well against the elite of this sport, then I could compete against anyone.”


After those first two losses, Marcus Lewis went on a three-match win streak in Premier with victories over “The Golden Boy” Dylan Drake (3-3),  Julio Pedroza (2-2), and Dom Vitalli (0-1). With his win over Vitalli in August, Marcus Lewis record went from 0-2 to 3-2 and moved into position to compete in the number one contenders match on Saturday, November 22nd in Gilroy against the former PREMIER Heavyweight Champion “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb (4-1-1).


“On November 22nd in Gilroy, it is going to be an honor to wrestle Jeff Cobb. I know [he] is eager to get the PREMIER Heavyweight Championship back and I am sure he expects to stream roll over me to get there.  This is the biggest match of my young career.  I haven’t trained this hard, studied my opponent this much ever in my life.  My dream is to become the PREMIER Heavyweight Champion. I can’t be intimidated by Cobb’s list of credentials and awards. I have to focus on my game to beat him.”


When asked if that game plan means his 450 Splash, Marcus answered with great big smile and a wink.


No doubt Marcus Lewis is going into his number one contenders match against Jeff Cobb on Saturday, November 22nd with a lot of confidence.  Find out for yourself if he can pull off his fourth victory in a row and contend for the PREMIER Heavyweight Championship.


PREMIER VII: Kratos vs Dutra takes place on Saturday, November 22nd at the I.F.D.E.S. Lodge-Portuguese Hall, 250 Old Gilroy St, in Gilroy, CA. Show Time is 5PM and Doors Open at 4:30PM. Tickets are on sale now for $10 each (Save $5 off the door price) through Showclix!


*card subject to change*

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