From Ref to Ring: Will Cuevas

Will Cuevas made news this past August in PREMIER Wrestling when he put away his referee shirt and pants for a pair of wrestling trunks and boots. PREMIER fans only knew Will Cuevas as one third of the best referee trio in the bay area along with Tom Castor and Sparkey Ballard. But, when PREMIER announced he would step in the ring to compete as a wrestler, it had all the fans buzzing. This was not a spur of the moment thing. It was something planned out for a very long time. It was Will Cuevas’s plan and it was nearly executed to perfection.


 On that hot August night in Gilroy, Will Cuevas stepped into the ring with another top young PREMIER Athlete in “Ace” Buddy Royal. Both men clashed with neither giving up an inch. Back and forth the action went, but Cuevas made a crucial mistake and injured his knee. When Royal saw his prey was injured, he pounced on him and locked on his figure four leglock for a submission victory. Buddy Royal improved his record to 2-2 while Will Cuevas would start his PREMIER career inside the ring at 0-1.”I play back the match in my head and can distinctively note 3 to 4 mistakes I made that contributed to my ultimate defeat” said Will Cuevas. “I took mental notes from that experience and look to rectify those mistakes the next time I compete.”


 A early loss in a career of a young athlete can sometimes have a lasting effect.  The top young athletes learn and improve, but some dwell and end up never reaching their potential.  With Will Cuevas, many expect he will bounce back from this loss and have a blossoming career in PREMIER.


 Will Cuevas knows all about hard work. Long before he was counting wrestler’s shoulders to the mat, Cuevas served 9 years in the United States Marines from 2005-2013, achieving the rank of Staff Sergeant.


 Will wants to break that stigma of being a referee turned wrestler; he wants fans to see him now as Will Cuevas – PREMIER Athlete. He explains that being referee was just a step into making him one of the best.”For me, the transition was a long time coming and I wanted the timing to be right. I’ve had years of experience as a referee which was a great opportunity to learn the craft of pro wrestling. Being a wrestler is of course a lot more physical which I enjoy. For me I respect the business and the sport of professional wrestling so much that I wanted to do the business justice rather than just jumping in the ring unprepared.”Cuevas has already impressed some of the elite in PREMIER.


 “Will Cuevas is going to be one of the top guys” said the former Premier Heavyweight Champion Mr. Athletic Jeff Cobb. “Right after his loss to Buddy Royal, he came back through the locker room and asked for cell phone footage of his match that his friend took. Instead of sulking after a loss, he was watching his match over again and trying to see what mistakes he made and how he can fix them before his next match. He was also picking the brains of the veterans in the PREMIER locker room about how he can improve his game. That was really impressive to me.”


 Will Cuevas is feeling very confident going into his next match in PREMIER on November 22nd. “I’m in PREMIER not just to compete but to be a contender and ultimately gain the PREMIER Heavyweight Championship. November is the next step in my path to success.”


 PREMIER returns on Saturday, November 22nd in Gilroy, CA at the I.F.D.E.S. Lodge – Portuguese Hall, 250 Old Gilroy St.


 Show Time is 5PM. Doors Open at 4:30PM.



 *card subject to change*

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