PREMIER Profiles: “The Filipino Dynamo” John Redito

Redito Card


PREMIER Wrestling was created in 2013 to bring back the importance of wins and losses in the sport of professional wrestling.  Every win moves you closer to a shot at the PREMIER Heavyweight Championship; every loss moves you further down the ranks.  We’ve seen early losses in a PREMIER Wrestling career that turn into a positive. Marcus Lewis started out 0-2 in PREMIER but now has won three straight to bring his record to 3-2 and put himself in position to contend for the championship at our next event on Saturday, March 22nd in Gilroy, CA.
PREMIER Athlete John Redito currently has a record of 0-3.  The “Filipino Dynamo” arrived with a high recommendation from his trainer “Old School” Oliver John. “The kid wants it. You talk about heart, Redito has it and then some” Oliver John had to say about his pupil.”I am always out looking for the best up and coming athletes” said PREMIER President and Matchmaker John LaRocca. “Being a trainee of Oliver John, I made to sure to watch Redito closely. He doesn’t have physical appearance to stand out but when he gets in the ring, his heart and desire is something you don’t forget. At our final show at the 9 Lives Club in Gilroy, CA, I had an opportunity to have an extra match. I wanted to give that spot to two hungry young athletes.  First person I thought about was John Redito.”Redito made his PREMIER debut on December 15th, 2013 against another top prospect in “Ace” Buddy Royal. Like many young athletes, both were quick to impress and went out of the gate quickly.  The match was action packed, but Redito took a chance with knee drop off the second turnbuckle and missed. Buddy Royal a growing master of the figure-four leglock was able to get the submission victory.That second chance came on March 30th, 2014 against Nick Ruiz. Unlike his first match, Redito would be stepping in the ring with a seasoned veteran in Ruiz. Redito remained patient this time around but once again was caught in a submission. Redito’s record would now drop to 0-2.”After the show, Redito came up to me and thanked me for the opportunity but his head was hanging down low” said John LaRocca. “I told Redito that though he lost, his effort did not go unnoticed. He was a inches away from pinning Ruiz on more then a few occasions. That impressed me. I told Redito we will see him in a PREMIER ring again soon”.

Next for the Redito was “The Golden Boy” Dylan Drake on August 10th.  This was Redito’s highest profile opponent to date. Drake was relentless right from the bell, opening up on his offense right away and not given Redito any room to breathe. Redito was able to mount some offense and even twist Dylan Drake’s knee with a dragon screw leg whip, but it was “The Golden Boy” who locked in his favorite hold, “The Bay To Breaker” sharpshooter for the submission victory. That loss brought Redito’s record to 0-3.


“Having the opportunity to be part of PREMIER three times in my first whole year as a professional is a tremendous honor. I look up and down the roster and almost all of them have had multiple years of experience, some winning championships in their storied career. I am deeply humbled to be considered in good company” said John Redito.

 “Having paid my respects to the roster, however, it burns deep that I am 0 and 3. I can see that if the fair-weather fan sees “0-3” next to my name on the printed program, they may tend to write me off as a competitor – the “lowest ranked among the best.  As a competitor, no, as a man, that stings. If you would look back on my matches, you’d see that I lost each match by a narrow margin. I could just as easily have been 3 and 0. But having less experience among an elite roster has cost me.   When I started my career, I had no plans of being average or mediocre. That plan hasn’t changed. But I can’t blaze my trail unless I do one thing: win”.
 John Redito drives continues, despite his record so far in PREMIER. Words from the new PREMIER Heavyweight Champion has a lit a fire under him.
 “I told John that dwelling on his past failures will never allow him to succeed in the future” said the new Premier Heavyweight Champion JR Kratos. “I told him that one day he will be holding this championship. That may sound far to reach right now, but I know he has the desire and passion to one day hold this title. I told him that he belongs in the PREMIER locker room.  He is part of what we call Team Respect.  That not only means respect for this business, the respect for the sport of pro wrestling, but the respect in the pride of your work to be the best you can be. No doubt in my mind that if he John keeps working hard, things will go his way in PREMIER.”
 Redito now focuses on how he can improve his game and what he needs to do to get himself into the win column in PREMIER.
 “In order to get that elusive win, I of course must maintain a consistent and vigorous training schedule, but the silver lining comes the mental preparation. Looking back now, I could recall getting “psyched out” from being on a bigger platform, facing highly regarded opponents like “The Golden Boy” Dylan Drake. After traveling as journeyman, and after getting used to being in a bigger stage, I becoming more acclimated to “stepping it up” during those critical moments”.
For any young athlete, suffering loss can hurt your drive, but “The Filipino Dynamo” drive is stronger then ever and vows get his first win PREMIER at his next opportunity.
“I battled many moments of doubt, but my passion to be the very best has pulled me through. I haven’t lost my conviction to prove to the PREMIER locker room, the fans and the world that I am the best WRESTLER, and that I won’t “sports entertain” a crowd, but will entertain crowds with my sport. I respect the talent in PREMIER, but it does not matter who Mr. LaRocca pits against me. I will find a way, come hell or high water, to leave the next event with that first W”.
PREMIER Wrestling returns on Saturday, November 22nd at the Portuguese Hall in Gilroy, CA.  Tickets are on sale now at through Showclix!

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