PREMIER Athlete Brian Tannen Benches 600 lbs

On May 21st in Sacramento, Brian Tannen (1-0), one of PREMIER’s youngest athletes completed a feat of strength beyond most men’s imagination. After months of preparation, Tannen, 21, bench pressed 600 pounds at his local gym.

He described the process as a gradual progression.

“Not much really goes into preparing you to push 600 pounds other than just benching on the flat bench over and over and over again; gradually going up weight in time.”

Tannen also goes on to say that a lift of this magnitude is as mental as it is physical.

“Focusing and envisioning without a doubt that you will press it. Envisioning the lift off, drop down, slight pause at the bottom, and the explosion up for the finish!”
“If your mind isn’t right, you will fail.”

A risk-taker, Brian Tannen prefers to use the “suicide grip” for his lifts.

“There is a gap, so the bar could easily slip out and crush my throat possibly resulting death or serious injury.”

When asked about his mindset and how he feels going into his match on June 9th, Tannen says “I feel unstoppable. When a man can bench press 600 pounds, that man can launch you. When a 21-year-old kid can bench press 600 pounds, you better leave town.”

As for his opponent Nick Ruiz (1-0), Champion Dave Dutra (2-0), and current number one contender Jeff Cobb (1-0), Brian Tannen his focused on his goals.

“Nick Ruiz has no shot in hell. And when I beat him, whoever has the title, whether it be Jeff Cobb or Dave Dutra, they stand no chance either.”

You can follow Brian Tannen on both Twitter and Instagram @ibenchalot.

Brian Tannen faces Nick Ruiz next month on June 9th at the second PREMIER Wrestling event at the Nine Lives Club, 7430 Monterey St, in Gilroy, CA.

Doors open at 4 PM, show starts at 5.Brian Tannen 600 Pound Bench Press

Tickets are available now at

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