Cobb and Kaimana Make Last Minute Entrances to PREMIER IX


As announced yesterday, “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb (5-2-1) will be in action at PREMIER IX: Kratos vs Drake on June 7th in Gilroy, CA. As soon as word got out, PREMIER President and Matchmaker John LaRocca’s direct line exploded with Athletes looking for a chance at the former Heavyweight Champion. But one caller stuck out from that list. An Athlete who knows Jeff Cobb all too well. Returning to the ring from the state of Hawai’i, Kaimana (1-2) is set for singles action! Continue reading

“Mr. Athletic” Cleared to Compete on June 7th

Jeff Cobb Card

When “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb’s (5-2-1) Lucha Underground commitments affected his availability for June 7th at PREMIER IX, the title shot was awarded to the number two contender “The Golden Boy” Dylan Drake (4-3). This past week, Lucha Underground rescheduled their TV taping on June 7th in Los Angeles and thus opened up Jeff Cobb to now be available to compete at PREMIER IX. Continue reading

Cuevas and Vitalli Fight for Survival


At PREMIER, records matter. The illustrious Top 10 list contains the names of some of the best Athletes in the business. Placing on the leaderboard is the first step towards becoming PREMIER Heavyweight Champion. Now two more fighters are looking to add their names to that list. On Sunday, June 7th, Will Cuevas (1-1) and Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli (0-2) go one-on-one for that prestige. Continue reading

The Golden Opportunity


Dylan Drake did not get his nickname “The Golden Boy” because his lives in the most expensive area in San Francisco, dines at all the finest restaurants, and fly’s first class to his many exotic vacation destinations.  No, Dylan Drake was given his nickname for collecting gold championship belts all over the west coast since his debut in 2007. One championship that has eluded “The Golden Boy” has been the PREMIER Heavyweight Championship. On June 7th in Gilroy, CA at the I.F.D.E.S. Lodge – Portuguese Hall, Dylan Drake finally gets his golden opportunity to complete his collection. Continue reading