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A year ago, I met a gentleman named George O’Brien. Mr. O’Brien co-authored the book Wrestling to Rasslin’: Ancient Sport to American Spectacle and has been a long time member of the Cauliflower Alley Club. Mr. O’Brien has also helped countless young wrestlers, including two athletes on the PREMIER Roster today, Gabriel Gallo and Joe Graves. Mr. O’Brien was drawn to PREMIER because we presented pro wrestling the way he liked it, a company that truly focuses on the sport of professional wrestling. 

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PREMIER X – San Jose, CA – September 19th, 2015

1) Hawaiian Lion (1-0) pinned Mike Truex (0-1) with a brain buster in 6:51. Truex substituted for Nick Ruiz.

2) “The Butcher” Tyler Bateman (1-2) submitted “The Hangman” Dalton Frost (0-1) with a knee bar in 6:04.

3) Alexander Hammerstone (1-0) pinned “The Golden Boy” Dylan Drake (4-5) with his “stone breaker” finishing move in 8:43.

4) “The Flyin’ Lion” Marcus Lewis (5-4) pinned “El Pistolero” Julio Pedroza (3-4) with the 450 splash off the top rope in 10:50.

5) “The King of No Rules” Gabriel Gallo (4-0) pinned Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli (1-3) with a power bomb in 11:44.

6) Timothy Thatcher (4-2-1) submitted “The Soul Fighter” Joe Graves (2-1-0) in 10:33.

7) Ladies Tag Match: Kahmora (1-1) & Nicole Savoy (3-1) defeated Raze (0-2) & Kikyo Nakamura (0-1) when Kahmora submitted Kikyo with a kimura lock.

8) PREMIER Heavyweight Champion “God Of War” JR Kratos (9-2) pinned “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb (6-3-1) with a choke slam/power bomb in 15:10.

Next show will be PREMIER XI on Saturday, November 28th at IFDES Lodge – Portuguese Hall in Gilroy, CA.

Gallo Speaks on Facing Dom Vitalli at PREMIER

“The King of No Rules” Gabriel Gallo (3-0) had a few choice words about his match against long-time tag partner and friend Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli (1-2).

Tickets for this match are still available for just $10 each at Showclix! Act fast before they go up to the full price of $15 at the door.

“The King of No Rules” Gabriel Gallo and Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli will face each other at PREMIER X on Saturday, September 19th at Del Mar High School in San Jose, CA.


Del Mar High School is located at 1224 Del Mar Avenue in San Jose, CA
Doors open at 5:30pm, show starts at 6pm.


*card subject to change*

Graves Looks to Continue Streak Over Thatcher


With only a few years of experience in the professional wrestling ranks, “The Soul Fighter” Joe Graves usually finds himself the one calling out his opponents.  But when PREMIER President and Matchmaker John LaRocca informed Graves that Timothy Thatcher was looking for a rematch at PREMIER X on September 19th at Del Mar High School in San Jose, Graves said to send him the contract and he would sign it right away. Continue reading