From Ref to Ring: Will Cuevas

Will Cuevas made news this past August in PREMIER Wrestling when he put away his referee shirt and pants for a pair of wrestling trunks and boots. PREMIER fans only knew Will Cuevas as one third of the best referee trio in the bay area along with Tom Castor and Sparkey Ballard. But, when PREMIER announced he would step in the ring to compete as a wrestler, it had all the fans buzzing. Continue reading

PREMIER Profiles: “The Filipino Dynamo” John Redito

Redito Card


PREMIER Wrestling was created in 2013 to bring back the importance of wins and losses in the sport of professional wrestling.  Every win moves you closer to a shot at the PREMIER Heavyweight Championship; every loss moves you further down the ranks.  We’ve seen early losses in a PREMIER Wrestling career that turn into a positive. Marcus Lewis started out 0-2 in PREMIER but now has won three straight to bring his record to 3-2 and put himself in position to contend for the championship at our next event on Saturday, March 22nd in Gilroy, CA. Continue reading

Jeff Cobb Faces Marcus Lewis in Number One Contender’s Match


This November, two Athletes that define what it means to truly be PREMIER will face off for a future Heavyweight Championship title shot. “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb (4-1-1) and Marcus Lewis (3-2) will be giving their all in Gilroy, CA for a chance at the golden belt.

In August of this year, “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb put on one of the toughest fights in PREMIER history. Facing the God of War J.R. Kratos (5-2), Cobb would put on a valiant effort only to be defeated by the new champion’s chokeslam-powerbomb combination. “Mr. Athletic” took the loss as a lesson and is now set on reclaiming the championship he held for over a year. This path goes through a number one contender’s match and a young athlete on an incredible rise.

Marcus Lewis bounced back from a rough start at PREMIER. After losing his first two matches to the most veteran Athletes on the PREMIER roster – “Old School” Oliver John & The Almighty Sheik – Lewis managed to go three-in-a-row undefeated culminating with a win over southwestern sensation Dom “The Bomb” Vitalli (0-1). Now his efforts have brought him one victory away from a shot at the PREMIER Heavyweight Championship.

Will “Mr. Athletic Jeff Cobb move closer to reclaiming the Heavyweight Championship or does Marcus Lewis have what it takes to face the victory of Dutra vs Kratos III? Find out for yourself live on November 22nd, 2014 at the I.F.D.E.S. Lodge – Portuguese Hall in Gilroy, CA. Tickets are on sale at Showclix for just $10 each!

Doors open at 4:30 pm, first bell rings at 5!

The I.F.D.E.S. Lodge – Portuguese Hall is located at 250 Old Gilroy Street in Gilroy, CA.

*card subject to change*

Dutra vs Kratos III


March 24th, 2013 – “Double D” Dave Dutra (4-3) defeats JR Kratos (5-2) to become the first PREMIER Heavyweight Champion.

March 30th, 2014 – Kratos defeats Dutra to become the Number One Contender.

On November 22nd, 2014, two of the top PREMIER Athletes will battle one more time! PREMIER Heavyweight Champion JR Kratos defends his title against “Double D” Dave Dutra.

Back in August of this year, JR Kratos would go on to defeat reigning champion “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb (4-1-1) in one of the most physical matches PREMIER fans had ever seen. Cobb threw everything he had at the physical powerhouse, but Kratos proved too much for the Olympian. Now “God of War” looks to hold on to the title as he prepares to face a recurring rival.

“Double D” Dave Dutra wrestled at PREMIER 6: Cobb vs Kratos in his third Number One Contender Match – a record within the promotion. Facing off against “The Metalhead Maniac” Sledge (3-3), his all-out brawl would see both men giving everything they had to win. Eventually, it was Dutra’s classic “Double D” DDT that put away the MMA machine that is Sledge. Victorious, the new Number One Contender would return to the ring at the end of the night to stare down his familiar foe.

On November 22nd at the I.F.D.E.S. Lodge – Portuguese Hall in Gilroy, CA, “Double D” Dave Dutra and PREMIER Heavyweight Champion JR Kratos battle for the third time! Buy your tickets early to find out if Dutra’s speed and agility prevails over Kratos’ power and strength or if the champion reigns supreme!

Tickets are on sale now at for just $10 each! That’s a savings of $5 off the door price.

The I.F.D.E.S. Lodge – Portuguese Hall is located at 250 Old Gilroy St., Gilroy, CA.

Doors open at 4:30p, show starts at 5!

*card subject to change*

#TBT – PREMIER IV: “The Metalhead Maniac” Sledge -vs- Timothy Thatcher

Take a look back at a match from PREMIER 4: Mr. Athletic vs Old School as “The Metalhead Maniac” Sledge battled against “The British Messiah” Timothy Thatcher in a number one contender’s match for the PREMIER Heavyweight Championship.

Both men will be in action at our upcoming event PREMIER VII: Dutra vs Kratos on November 22nd in Gilroy, CA!

Tickets are on sale now for just $10 each through Showclix! That’s a savings of $5 off general admission when you secure your seats in advance!

*card subject to change*